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20cl Candle Refill

20cl Candle Refill

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Once your candle has burned down, use one of our refills to top it straight back up.

With our candle refills, there is no need to send your old candle container back to us. Simply order a refill and pop it into your jar. See full instructions below.

You can order your favourite scent again or choose another one to try. There are no limits on how many times you can reuse your jar.

Our brand new refills are the perfect way to enjoy our luxury fragrances in your home in a more eco friendly manner.

Our candle refills are only compatible with our 20cl Amber jars. Please note that these refills will not fit into our old style jars which we are no longer available online.


  1. When your candle has burned right down, put a small amount of boiling water into a heatproof dish and pop your jar in.
  2. After a few minutes, any remaining wax  will become soft enough to scoop out with a spoon.
  3. Wash the jar with some warm soapy water and dry. Leave to soak if you’d like to remove the label.
  4. Remove the paper from the sticky tab at the bottom of the wax refill.
  5. Simply drop the refill into the jar and gently push down to stick it to the bottom of the jar.
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Customer Reviews

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Lauren Davis

Super easy to use, and meant no waste. Perfect.


Just as wonderfully scented as the original candle. Easy enough to slip them into the old candle holder! This is a great way to avoid wasting glass (it's actually very difficult to recycle).