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Hope Valley Large Soy Candle

Hope Valley Large Soy Candle

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Hope Valley is one of the most popular parts of the Peak  District national park, offering some of the best views and most picturesque villages in the country. 

We hope to have captured some of the beauty of the area with this complex fragrance which opens with fresh notes of blackberry leaves and blackcurrant buds, followed by a floral heart of rose, geranium, Muguet and bay. Rich notes of musks and sandalwood complete this aromatic scent.

This candle comes with a wooden lid. Refills can be ordered online when your candle runs out. Refills come with full instructions.

Scent Details

Top notes- blackberry leaves, blackcurrant buds 

Middle notes- rose, geranium, muguet, bay 

Base notes- muse, sandalwood 

Burn Time

Burning Time- Approx 60 hours


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